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Spa Travel Insider brings you insider views on spas, hotels, travel, restaurants and wellness.  Let’s embrace it.  We women love to travel and we love to do it together or with that special someone in our life.  Spas, shopping, exploring. Beautiful places, friendly people, history. We are also looking for ways to be healthier longer – wellness.

Judith is your spa travel insider sharing ideas on fun places to visit and having a great travel experience.
Judith Culp Pearson
Spa Travel Insider

Insider?  Yes.  I’ve been in the spa industry and traveling and visiting them for 30 years. Now, it’s time to share my findings with you. Goal? Make every trip you take, near or far the best ever.

Travel is good for your health…

Did you know travel can improve your well being? We have all experienced that ah-ha moment when you know you need to get away.  You are stressed to the breaking point. That is the moment you are starting what is now called Wellness Travel.

Health is no longer just about being disease free.  It is now defined as taking steps toward wellness – better health physically, mentally and emotionally.  Enjoy a weekend sitting at the lake or the ocean. Participate in an activity you really enjoy or learning something new. Go for a walk or zipline in the jungle. Take a cooking class, enjoy a great meal.

Unwind at a spa, visit wine country, explore somewhere new. Experience a new culture, learn something, have an adventure… they’re all part of Wellness Travel.  Now you have another excuse to disconnect and go have fun, relax, play.  It’s good for your health.

Travel personality secrets…

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